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Levels of territorial detail

The folder "Territory" contains the territorial contexts the objects can refer to.

img 4a

The consultation system is based on the administrative subdivisions, in particular (from the lower to the maximum detailed level): BiH, geographical areas (Federation, Republika Srpska, Brcko District), regions or cantons.

The system allows to specify simultaneously both the territorial area of interest (e.g. Federation of BiH/Republika Srpska, the canton/region, etc.) and the level of territorial detail (e.g. state, geographical area, canton/region, etc.). The combination of an area with a detail level makes a territorial context. Examples of territorial contexts are therefore the Entity/District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, cantons/regions of Republika Srpska. Data can be selected by clicking the detail of interest in the line corresponding to the area of interest.

This consultation system is based on the fact that a typical structure of a hierarchical nature exists among territorial contexts: therefore, each region "contains" a certain number of provinces which, in their turn, "contain" a certain number of municipalities.

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