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Increasing and decreasing the territorial detail

The territorial detail of the table displayed can be increased or decreased clicking respectively on the icons img giu and img su. If territory is the parameter of page-setting, to increase the territorial detail means to view data at a more refined territorial level, only for the area of the page currently displayed. For example, if data displayed refer to geographical area level and the page displayed refers to Federation, to increase the territorial level means to shift to data referring to the level of cantons, and the first page displayed will be the one referring to the canton of Una-Sana.

img 15a

On the contrary, clicking on the icon img su, it is possible, to decrease the territorial detail, shifting to the upper level. If territorial references are displayed on the side of the table and the corresponding items are clickable, the territorial detail can be increased by clicking directly on one item. The same table will appear for the lower territorial level, and for the area corresponding to the item clicked.

img 15b

If it is possible to click on the item referring to the total Bosnia and Herzegovina, below the side of the table, the shift is always towards a territory of greater detail, but related to the BiH as a whole. Therefore, for example, in a table whose level is that of repartitions and the area is the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, by clicking on the link "Bosnia Herzegovina", a table at geographical area level where the territorial area is still the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina will appear.

img 15c

Clicking on the icon img su, above the side of the table, it is possible to shift to a territory of lower detail.

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