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The data selection page

Data can be browsed according to three parameters of choice: the object of interest (e.g. "Resident population"), the classifications relating to the object chosen (e.g. "Sex", "Age" e "Marital status") and the territory of reference.

The page where these choices can be made initially appears as follows

img 1a

and it can be ideally divided into two sections: the panel of possible choices and the panel of choices made.

The panel of choices made visualises, for each parameter, the choices made; it is possible to go back to the choice and discard the object or one or more classifications; it visualises the number of statistical tables whose content meets the request made.

The panel of possible choices contains four virtual folders, three corresponding to the parameters of choice ("Objects", "Classifications" and "Territory"), and the last one on the right containing the list of tables related to choices made ("Tables"). The content of each folder can be viewed clicking on the corresponding tabs.

img 1b

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