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The 2004 Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Household Budget Survey has been implemented in partnership by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Agency for Statistics (BHAS), the Institute of Statistics of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FIS) and the Institute of Statistics of the Republika Srpska (RSIS). Financial support to carry out the survey was provided by the Italian Government and Cooperazione Italiana, with the technical assistance of the experts of Istat, the Italian National Institute of Statistics.

This data warehouse allows the user to get aggregated information related to the main target of the survey, i.e. estimates of the average monthly expenditures of households, and also estimates of the population (individuals and households) living in BiH.

Estimates can be obtained at different territorial levels: of course State totals are available, together with totals related to the different geographical areas (the Federation of BiH, the Republika Srpska and the Brcko District). For a subset of estimates (average monthly expenditures for food and non food items) it is also possible to obtain canton or region detail. Estimates related to average monthly expenditures and number of households are provided with socio-demographic information: together with information directly associated to households (typology, rural or urban place, and number of components), also characteristics of the reference person in the household are available: age, sex, marital status, education level, activity, occupation and profession. The same classifications are also available for all estimates related to population (individuals).

Access to information is quite easy: it is possible to select the aggregated information of interest by sequentially choosing objects, classifications and territorial levels, thus obtaining a set of available tables. When accessing one of them, it is also possible to navigate, changing one or more previous choice, until the desired information is obtained. It is possible, at this point, to print the tables, and/or to download them in an Excel format, in order to proceed with further processing (percentages, graphs, etc.). For a quick reading of the main characteristics of the data warehouse please click on Essential guide to the system. All possible operations are described more widely in the User Guide.

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